Platinum Love Criticism

Platinum Love Criticism

A number of successfully learned books emerged from the book stalls, and several of them taught female white-collar workers how to catch her husband as the best.

  To many people, who is your husband Jin?

The annual salary is millions, and the girls are crowded like flies, so that they do not know who they are.

When I stand on the street, I always think that who I mean is like the beauty pageant of the emperor in the past. I have to let the girls like the clouds show their strengths and win my heart with some special killer.

  Qian Qian is easy to get, big husband is hard to find!

“Female White Collar Gold Husband” is also going this way.

  Women’s white-collar workers are low, and men’s money is high. In fact, they are completely different from those used by Chinese families for thousands of years to teach their daughters to “jump on branches and become phoenixes”.

The difference is this branch, not the emperor, not the politician, but the businessman who has ten million dollars in wealth.

  Since it is Jin Husband, you have to talk about the weight, teach you can marry a monthly salary of 10,000, do not teach 9999.

9 and then all converted into the price of gold, your monthly salary is 20,000, you have to divide the current gold price of 88 yuan per gram, if you can only earn half a month with gold bars, you will be defeated in a gold turtle purse that can earn two gold bars.
  The husband argued that every move and smile of a female white-collar suitor must stand up to various standards.

In addition to at least 1,000 yuan a month, 1,000 yuan for beauty, 1,000 yuan for clothes and 1,000 yuan for taxis to eat and eat, you also need to make up for various elegant courses.

  You do n’t like to read books, but if the target husband Jin loves Jin Yong, you have to praise Wei Xiaobao ‘s Seven Maids. If you do n’t like classical music and do n’t know Verdi, you have to buy a CD and know 3B (Beethoven, BoRams, Bach), nothing is too good to be able to talk about the “guts”; you like the vulgar TV series, but the target Jin Husband likes Luc?

Besson, Martin?

Scorsese, then you have to change channels in front of the TV with interest, and then talk about two decent comments in a timely manner.

  Of course, this is trivial.

The process of husband Jin’s struggle has long had a series of history, some kind, love his children, we must deeply time for them.

To awe his quirky mother, and to live with her temper even when her temper is abnormal.

Respect his ex-wife, no matter how insulting you are, you have to bear the burden, and use your weakness and grievance to move her husband.

  The most terrible thing is, in the business field, it is inevitable that there is a company of three accompany and four accompaniments, which are invisible and upset, as long as he has you in his heart.

And since your husband Jin grabbed your hand, one day you might get rid of it. Now that the agency has done its best to see more talents, there are more women, they are also young, attractive, beautiful, and pleasant. They drank your bowl.Longjing, there must be a taste of Biluochun that people want to taste it, but it is not an attitude towards escorts. Maybe they are the protagonists who truly perform human thrilling love.

You must guard against it!

  But marriage is a lifetime thing. You can be alert for a while, and still be vigilant for life?

When the tiger was still snoring, the business giants read countless people. It didn’t take long to see through your tricks. You just cried, made trouble, and hung up. Can you stop people from going out?

Love is a life. The true meaning of marriage is relaxation, comfort, happiness, and tranquility. You have to manage it so that the bow and snake shadows are filled with ups and downs. If you are not tired, your husband is still tired. Do n’t forget to tie the knot.The first step of the Long March.

Don’t do it for nothing, and people with high IQ will see it and let yourself play it.

  Even if you have an intelligence intelligence quotient that is always in a state of combat readiness and has a natural preference for deceiving her husband, he can become more wary and courageous, and grow older and more skilled at work. However, I still think there is something wrong with the strategic ideas taught in the book.

  This pursuit, for the purpose of getting married, is endlessly bitter and bitter, in order to “get it”.

Instead, it violates a simple rule: there is no constant defeat, no long victory.

If a battle is won, it is not necessary to win the world. Once it wins the world, it is impossible to be an emperor for generations.

We can study the list of rich people in the United States. In the 1980s, there were one or two top chairs. Where will they be in the 21st century?

How many young entrepreneurs in China in the 1980s have been imprisoned or destitute?

  The fear is that you have a luxury car for a few days, the situation changes suddenly, the family loses, and in the end there is nothing.

At that time, did you make a long whip and bind the Canglong to seek wealth?

Or knock down the front teeth and blood swallow?

  A female white-collar worker with all manners and good education, what a good gem, why bother to be a stone in the golden light?

With every effort to catch a golden husband who does not know when it will slip away and when it will turn into dung, it is better to use dim sum thinking to cultivate himself into a golden-collar worker.

By that time, the man in the world, let you choose freely, what’s wrong?Have you watched “sexandcity”?