College Entrance Examination: Overcoming Psychological Difficulties with Children

College Entrance Examination: Overcoming Psychological Difficulties with Children

June is the season of examinations, so the note is the season of turmoil.

The college entrance examination is like a bumpy road in front of students and parents. The pressure of a gambling fate makes young students often unable to bear it, which in turn causes countless psychological problems.

At this juncture, playing the wrong heartstring seems to make them mess up.

How children should be self-removed, how parents should change their minds, and how teachers should be tempted. This month, candidates will grow under pressure.

  Two students are most susceptible to “heart” disease. For senior high school students, it is inevitable that there is some tension in taking the exam.

However, according to a reporter’s investigation, a considerable number of students will experience symptoms of worry before the test, which will have a great impact on the test and even their future lives.

According to Zhang Yuhong, director of the Psychological Counseling Center of the Middle School Affiliated to China University of Geosciences, the grades have always been very good, but the top students with poor results in the “One Mode” and “Two Mode” are likely to have doubts, fear of psychology, and have serious self-confidence orIt is because of family pressure that causes worry and panic, which has a great impact on the upcoming college entrance examination.

Zhang Yuhong told reporters that every year, she sees some outstanding students who play abnormally. Usually, the level of 600 points eventually only yields 300 points of examination papers, which are all the negative consequences of pre-examination concerns.

Zhang Yuhong said that the other part of the results are lagging behind, and the psychological state of students who have less hope in the college entrance examination is more worthy of attention.

Because they are often a desperate worry, they do not see hope. Any behavior of classmates, teachers, and parents is likely to increase their psychological burden and prone to excessive behavior.

Director Zhang Yuhong believes that the psychological care for students should be based on their entire lives, and they have been admitted to the university many times and gathered more.

Parents have become one of the sources of concern for students. For senior parents, they also need appropriate psychological counseling.

Sun Xiaofeng, a psychological counselor from Beijing No. 4 Middle School, told reporters that at this stage, the role of parents is very important.

Many parents ‘fear of“ powerful nowhere ”has seriously affected students’ emotions, and they have become a source of concern for students; although, the family atmosphere of many parents is too tense, and everything is centered on the college entrance examination, which has further increased the childrenPsychological stress.

In addition, many parents are afraid to disturb their children’s review, reduce communication and talk with their children, which can easily cause children’s loneliness.

Sun Xiaofeng believes that at this stage, parents should consider the issue from the perspective of their children. What they have to do is to make their children feel the support of their parents, instead of letting their children deal with most of the pressure from parents.

  ■ Typical Symptoms 1 Insomnia makes emotional transmission fall “No one in our dormitory is asleep, but just keeps turning, but no one speaks.

-Xiaoling, insomnia in a junior high school girl in a dormitory is a common symptom that is worried before the test. It causes students to have a serious decline in sleep quality and low mood.

And very prone to vicious cycles.

Sun Xiaofeng, a psychological counselor at Beijing No. 4 Middle School, believes that some students have insomnia because they “do not dare to sleep”: once they lie down, they feel that many things have not been reviewed, while others may still be reviewing.

Severity: ★★★★ Adjustment suggestions: It is recommended that students write down the daily review process, read it before going to bed, and comfort themselves: I have done a lot of things today and have completed the task.

2 Irritability is gradually being isolated. “I have always been disgusted with the students around me for no reason. The students who used to have good relationships now are annoying to see, but in fact, others are not doing much.

-Chen Chen, CEO of the Chinese Psychological Network of the senior high school girl, Chen Wei, believes that irritability is the result of the student’s nervousness and anxiety being unrelieved and unchecked. It is a manifestation of the student’s uncontrollable emotions, which will seriously affect the student’s interpersonal relationship before the exam.They gradually became isolated and appeared to seriously affect the preparation for the exam.

Severity: ★★★ Adjustment suggestions: Tell parents, friends, and especially classmates how they feel.

Baseline with your classmates, you will find that they feel the same as you, and their level of tension and worry will also decrease.

3 Psychogenic diarrhea with abdominal breathing to regulate emotions “I pulled 8 times on the day of the test”-Xiao Liu, senior high school boy China Mental Network CEO Chen Wei told reporters that psychogenic diarrhea is caused by depression, anxiety and other psychological factorsThe internal function is disordered, and some students want to go to the toilet as soon as they hear the bell.

Extreme tension and fear before the college entrance examination may induce psychogenic diarrhea, which seriously affects normal performance.

Severity: ★★★ Adjustment suggestions: Reducing the level of inner tension and fear is the key to relieving psychogenic diarrhea.

When you are nervous, you can try abdominal breathing to adjust your mood.

Don’t have the bad psychological suggestion that diarrhea will definitely appear when you take the test. Before the test, you should say to yourself, “I’m fully prepared” and enter the test room with a confident smile.

(The above cases are all from Beijing No. 4 Middle School) ■ Expert support recruits candidates for systematic desensitization training Chen Wei and Zhang Yuhong both recommend students to conduct systematic desensitization training at this stage.

This training method induces anxiety through the presentation of different levels of anxiety in the mind, and then uses some means to relax.

In this way, you can gradually train your mental tolerance. When you really face the situation, negative emotions no longer occur or the intensity weakens, that is, you are “desensitized” to the real scene.

For example: students can imagine that there are 5 days before the college entrance examination. When the worry appears, take a deep breath and gradually stabilize their mentality; and then imagine that they will begin to issue the test papers now and feel that they are beginning to adjust.  Psychological software evaluation According to director Zhang Yuhong, her school has used psychological evaluation software since 2003. Such software can allow students to conduct self-evaluation and let them have their own psychological problems.

Zhang Yuhong said that students can only actively seek help and treatment if they truly realize that they have symptoms of anxiety before the test.

Therefore, students can try more authoritative psychological evaluation software at the current stage, and then communicate with the psychological counselor based on the evaluation.

Self-success implies that Sun Xiaofeng suggested that students should imagine the situation of success, some kind of notice to get, enter the door of the favorite university; usually speak more with positive words to myself, some kind of “I am ready for the exam” “IWill do the best “etc.

Through typical self-suggestions, self-confidence can be greatly enhanced and a good attitude can be shaped. Keep the normal state for the parents, and do not arrange it. Director Zhang Yuhong believes that parents should try to keep the family normal in this period. Never “reject visitors, do not turn on the TV, and accumulate nutritional products”, because this rapid change is a continuous for studentsPut pressure on them so they can’t stand the loose environment.

At the same time, don’t pack your life in a big package. Apart from learning nothing and letting your children do it, you should let them live normally, do things within their ability, and maintain a steady state of mind.

Analyze the progress and continue to encourage Sun Xiaofeng to think that students often do not see progress in the final stage of the review and feel that they have not gained anything every day.

Parents think asking their children what to do every day, or should analyze with them each test and review, the more detailed the analysis, the easier it is for the child to see his progress.

And encourage children to review according to their own situation, rather than comparing them with others.

Let your child talk emotionally. Chen Wei, CEO of China Psychology Network, advises parents to communicate directly with their children and express their approval and acceptance of students’ pre-examination concerns, but not negative.

At this stage, the children have some nervousness. Try to let them talk about their emotions and emotions. Many times they can speak lightly before they enter the battle.

Parents must learn to be good listeners.