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8 beauty “pseudo-concept” favorites to flicker you like this

Collagen drink is a beauty artifact?
Many beverage beauty products will indicate that they have the effect of increasing collagen in the skin, but in fact, collagen is more effective when applied externally than when taken internally.
Topical application can help the skin to replenish the necessary collagen, promote the maintenance of skin elasticity and strengthen the moisturizing, but if taken internally, collagen will be absorbed and broken down into amino acids, and then recombined, the skin can actually get very little.
So the next time you buy beauty products for drinks, you must think twice.
Are “fine tuning” products really effective?
“Micro-retouching” is actually just an unreliable concept. No beauty product can achieve the skin improvement effect comparable to medical beauty methods, because as long as beauty products can only directly act on the epidermis, almostImpossible to penetrate into the dermal tissue to function.
Can I whiten as long as it contains Vitamin C?
Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps delay skin aging, while diminishing spots and improving dull complexion.
However, the important prerequisite for vitamin C to function is that it exists in an oil-soluble form, and the general “water-soluble C” cannot enter the skin.
Is it possible to instantly smooth wrinkles?
Anti-wrinkle products’ most inspiring propaganda words are “instantaneous retreat of blemishes, lightening skin temperature, hidden pores”.
In fact, the real reason why beauty products have such magical magic is that the products contain some particulate ingredients such as silicon, and such beauty products usually only have immediate effects and cannot actually improve skin texture.
What exactly is Detox?
“Beauty and detoxification” is a true “pseudo-conception” when you say it is white. The so-called toxins in skin generally refer to oxidized sebum, free radicals or melanin.
Any beauty product that claims to have a “detoxifying” effect generally resists oxidation through conventional cosmetic ingredients, making the skin look more even and transparent.
Moisturizing can be achieved with hyaluronic acid alone?
The core of moisturizing is to strengthen the lipid barrier while moisturizing the intercellular substance. Hyaluronic acid is only an ideal moisture absorbent.
If the sebum film on the skin surface is not perfect, it is difficult to obtain the ideal moisturizing effect even with the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid-based makeup products.
How effective is lotion massage to remove blackheads?
Recently, a cosmetic method that removes acne and dark fat particles by massaging the skin with a special lotion is popular in Japan.
In fact, this is only a cure for the symptoms and not the root cause. The lotion can only clean the oxidized sebum at the end of the pores, and the sebum blocked in the pore walls and the sebaceous glands cannot be cleaned at all.
Are “cell-level” care products really high-end?
The concept of cell-level care has been developed a long time ago, and one of the most “high” feelings is stem cell anti-aging.
But as a controversial beauty concept, the so-called cell-level care usually only relies on some strong anti-oxidant ingredients with excellent permeability to maintain the freshness of the cells. It can’t really change the cell morphology and make the skin rejuvenate quickly.