How to increase your own expenses when you change jobs?

How to increase your own expenses when you change jobs?

When changing to a new job, you must increase your number. Before the interviewer asks this question, think about all the value you give.

You can calculate your previous salary first, in addition to the basic salary, like bonuses, reimbursable expenses, and even car purchase allowances, health check benefits, etc. are added together to calculate your true value.

  After launching, you will know that you are actually worth more than you know!

However, when negotiating with an interviewer, you don’t have to be too clear at the beginning.

When the interviewer asks this question, you can refer to the following example: Interviewer: Mr. Wang, what’s your salary now?

  Mr. Wang replied: If the bonus and other allowances are counted together, my income last year was about 100,000 yuan.

How much does your company pay for this position?

  Mr. Wang includes his current total budget, and considers the other party ‘s focus into the salary range. Moreover, because Mr. Wang is not talking about a certain number, the other party should consider Mr. Wang ‘s price, and consider anotherOne month’s salary, still the weight of this post, has to offer favorable conditions.

If it is just a little more than the current salary, it will not attract him to change jobs.

  If the interviewer explicitly asks you to state your current salary, remember to say what is in your favor.

So what is a favorable statement?

  First, remember that bonuses are part of your salary.

If your bonus last year (for example 30,000) is better than this year (for example 20,000), you can say that the bonus is up to 50,000!

  Secondly, if you are close to the time for a raise, you can say that my basic salary will be 8,000 yuan when I evaluate my performance next month.

  Third, or create a little uncertainty to increase the value.

For example, you can say that when my basic salary is evaluated for work performance next month, it will be at least 8,000 yuan.

  If you have always been a highly stable employee, in fact, this is a trait that is quite reassuring to employers.

But the ironic fact is that if you stay in the same company for too long, according to the average company’s annual salary increase of 5%, you will never change jobs.

At this time, if you negotiate the salary with the interviewer for the current salary, you will never get a salary that matches your qualifications.

  Have you thought about it?

Maybe you are an outstanding marketer, but you stay in the same company for too long and lack the experience of job negotiation. Even if you are good at marketing your company’s products or services, you may not be able to make good use of your marketing.Experience, market yourself when talking about price codes.

  We can refer to Mr. Chen.

  Interviewer: How much is your current salary?

  Mr. Chen: Generally, the company gives creative personnel positions in advertising companies for more than five years. The monthly salary is between 5,000 and 8,000 yuan. Although I have rich experience and creativity, I also perform well in coordination and communication, but because I have always followed the companyThe annual salary increase has been increased, and the current company has only received a monthly salary of 8,000 yuan.

My experience is proficient, so it must be compared to the market.

Salary is an important driving force for office workers, and it is also an evaluation standard of personal value.

  Job seekers are asking for too little salary, employers may not be grateful to you, or they will replace your job value.

So, if your current salary is low and you are negotiating with a low salary when switching jobs, no matter what the reason for your low salary, be prepared first and explain why you accept these costs.

  At the same time, you must inquire in advance. Other companies have invested more money in employees who have your qualifications. Negotiations will be full of confidence again.

Although there are many people lamenting that the young people have not made any contribution to the company, they only know what is required and what is required!

However, there are still many honest office workers who require too little salary when changing jobs.

  The reason why office workers require too little salary when changing jobs is that they always feel that the conditions offered by the other party are already too good, so they dare not ask for more, for fear of breaking things.

  If office workers are deeply interested in this job opportunity, they often accept it without talking to the other party.

However, have you ever thought that negotiation is just a process.

Proper negotiation can show your value correctly.

  When negotiating your salary, you may wish to ask for more.

  Why should I need more?

Quite simply, it takes a bit more to have room for negotiation.If you think about your bargain-hunting experience, if you just mention anything.

The other party said yes, you must still buy expensive.

  The same is true. If you ask for a salary, if you ask for everything, you may be asking too little.

If the negotiation salary is a little more reasonable, you have a chance to get a higher salary than expected.

  What is a bit more reasonable?

For example, depending on the market, asking for more salary; or, if the previous company gave you some kind of benefit, but the new company did not, whether you can use the salary increase to replace the current benefit.

  If the job seeker has left room for negotiation, most companies will not agree to all your requirements, or it is also possible that they do not agree, but if you say a reasonable reason, the other party should not normallyWill embarrass you.

  Work on what you think the other person can afford, and at the same time, suggest what you care about.

If the company thinks differently, you can make concessions to one of them to get the company to agree to the other. This is a negotiating technique.