Vegetarian is gradually becoming a healthy lifestyle

Vegetarian is gradually becoming a healthy lifestyle

Nowadays, the city is blowing up a vegetarian style, and even a “vegetarian fan club” has emerged.

  In the summer, the citizens can’t eat the big fish and meat, and the light vegetarian food based on soy products is the first choice.

The reporter recently learned in an interview that Nanjing is making a vegetarian trend and even has a “vegetarian fan club”.

Yesterday, the reporter approached this crowd and conducted some investigations.

  Environmentally friendly and healthy, Mr. Liu, who opened another vegetarian-themed restaurant in Nanjing, told reporters that he started eating vegetarian food two years ago. At that time, he met some vegetarians because of his travels and friends, and he was subtly changing himself.Slowly accepting the concept of vegetarianism, it is considered to be environmentally friendly and good for health, and even opened a special vegetarian restaurant.

In addition, there are about 80 vegetarians he met in Nanjing.

  Ms. Chen, an office worker, is fascinated by vegetarianism and is associated with the yoga exercise she is practicing.

Her coach said that yoga is about the overall physiological balance, learners should choose vegetarian food in the diet, or else should try to eat light, less meat, so she began to subconsciously reduce meat intake.

“Vegetarian is not without nutrition. I like the feeling that there is no burden after eating.

It is reported that many of her fitness friends are advocating vegetarianism.

  Uncle Han, who is in his 60s, has eaten vegetarian food for weight loss.

He told reporters that he and his wife are relatively fat and have high blood lipids, so they often eat green vegetables and soy products. He also suggests that children eat more vegetarian foods, so as not to be too fat to cause various diseases.

“Life is good, there is no need to eat so much fish, fat and then lose weight, why bother?

“What is the replacement of “vegetarian” in the “vegetarian”?

The reporter asked Mr. Liu from Nanjing Shilihefeng Vegetarian Restaurant.

According to its introduction, vegetarian food contains a variety of cereals, bean products, fruits, vegetables, etc., is a more comprehensive nutrition.

Especially coarse rice, rye taro, whole wheat bread, can supply enough B vitamins and minerals and supplement fiber.

As far as vegetarian restaurants are concerned, there is a basic principle of “smoke-free, no wine, no eggs, no meat, no onions, no garlic, no leeks, no onions”.

In addition, in order to allow the diners to enjoy balanced nutrition while enjoying the food, in addition to supplementing the soy products, a selection of various fungi products.

It is reported that the restaurant uses eggplant, cabbage, cabbage, tomatoes and other vegetables, all from the pollution-free base in Anhui and County, and Metro’s organic vegetable counter.

  ”Vegetarian is of course not broth, but also pay attention to color and flavor, and ‘vegetarian simmer can also attract someone’s taste buds.

Mr. Liu introduced that the Bailing mushroom in the “sauerkraut fish” is very similar to the “fish” of the shavings; the raw material of the “fried kebabs” is actually the “fragrant mushroom root”; the “red braised big squid” is completed.Bean products like squid.

  “Vegetarian” is also rich in nutrition. Specific populations point out that vegetarianism actually becomes a healthy lifestyle when hyperlipidemia and obesity threaten health.

Of course, most vegetarians today are not the “successful people” who eat the Buddha, but the white-collar workers who are fashionable, the most culturally cultivated and economically strong in society.

The vegetarian diet has a growing trend. The reason for their vegetarianism is simple. The vegetarian diet they advocate is not the “white cabbage tofu” without oil and water, but the food rich in nutrients.

Vegetarian for modern people, the most practical is its positive impact on health, beauty, as well as the subtle influence on human temperament.