Weight loss and fitness crazy yoga

Weight loss and fitness crazy yoga

Several movements make you have a good figure.

It’s that simple!

  The physical discomfort of yoga is well known.

In addition to the crazy weight-loss effect of women, yoga also has an example for physical health and rehabilitation after injury.

  The effect of standing forward and backward bending: forward bending can relax the spine, reduce the thigh muscles, and improve lower back pain; backward bending can release pressure and strengthen the stability of the lower limbs and core.

  Steps: 1-1.

With your feet open at the same width as your shoulders, place your hands naturally on your side and adjust your breathing.


Hug your hands around your chest and bend your upper body naturally. Please bend forward until your body is soft enough to reach it. Do not be stubborn.


If your body is soft, you can bend down until your hands are on the ground.

This movement should pay special attention to the relaxation of the cervical spine. If you do not relax, you will not feel the relaxation of the spine, but will make the cervical spine more prone to soreness.


Adjust your breathing and return to the preparation mode. Place your hands behind your waist and straighten them backward.


Then lean your upper body back, slowly bend your feet and set your feet back to 90 degrees, and relax your hands to extend longitudinally.

Those with poor softness can recline about 45 degrees.

  Tip: Because each person’s body is different in softness, pay special attention when doing this action, and don’t stubbornly cause sports injury.

If the softness is better, the action can be performed completely. If the softness is poor, a compromise can be made.

  Up and down canine effect: activate the spine, strengthen the immune system function; strengthen the core muscle group strength; improve spine skew; prevent shoulder problems.

  Steps: 2-1.

Place your hands on the ground, kneel on your feet, and make your body look like a table.


Dog-style: Lift the tibia up, the soles of the feet against the ground, and make the body a triangle.


Stand on your toes, push your chest down, and lean forward.


Then press down, the body appears leaned forward.


Cobra style: press your body down again, put your instep and lower body on the ground, and lift your back.

  Tip: Pay attention to some small details in this action.

When your hands are on the ground, you must spread your five fingers to help the grip; the abdomen is strong, and the hips are relaxed so as not to press the spine.