Delicate baby, beware of second-hand incense

Delicate baby, beware of “second-hand incense”

With the continuous popularization of health knowledge in society, the harm of “second-hand smoke” has gradually become popular.
But a phenomenon that is polluting our daily lives like “second-hand smoke” has been overlooked by many people, and that is “second-hand incense”.
“Second-hand fragrance” refers to scent that is contaminated from other places or in the environment in which it is located. It mainly includes cosmetics such as excessively strong perfumes, and air fragrances placed in public places. Its taste seriously threatens people’s health, especiallyPregnant women and infants.
  Experts say that applying strong perfume is harmful to everyone.
It is understood that most perfumes currently contain 50-150 kinds of chemical ingredients, collectively called flavors, which have certain toxicity.
Frequently placed fragrances in public places contain a large amount of volatile aromatic hydrocarbons, which are also harmful to the human body.
In addition, the agarwood component in perfumes or fragrances can cause depression and depression, which can be severely life-threatening.
  Children’s resistance is low. If parents often spray perfume, it will pollute the air that children breathe. Over time, it may cause their concentration, excessive activity, and severe seizures.
  For pregnant women and babies, second-hand incense may be more worrying than second-hand smoke.
The levels of hormones in pregnant women vary greatly, smelling perfume is more susceptible to allergies; for breastfeeding mothers, the harmful chemicals of perfume will harm the health of the baby through milk.
Because perfume ingredients are accumulated in the body, women should not use strong or inferior perfumes before pregnancy.
  Experts suggest that those who need to apply perfume for the sake of etiquette should try to choose a perfume with a delicate fragrance and natural fragrance, and apply a little under the armpit or the neck; put less perfume at home or in public places, and open more windowsVentilation; when there are pregnant women, babies, children and other sensitive people around, it is best not to use perfume.