Song Meiling’s Secret to Health

Song Meiling’s Secret to Health

Chen Yifei died young early, Hou Yaowen suddenly left . After regretting their short life, in retrospect, Song Meiling’s long life has ignited people’s desire for life.

In fact, except for accidental death, the normal life expectancy of a person should be 150 years.

  Generally women over the age of 40, their skin begins to darken, their voices become thicker, their waist circumference increases, and their stomachs step on.

However, when Song Meiling was in her 60s, she was still of medium build and she kept her weight around 50 kilograms.

Her skin was still white, soft and moist, youthful and radiant.

Especially her tiny fingers, creamy and smooth.

  ”The first time to reveal” and “our anti-aging prescription” Song Qingling’s secret health tips: Song Meiling eats more food and eats less.

Although she prefers to eat harder foods, it does not affect digestion in general. Two meals and two vegetarian meals are required. Each meal must be taken five times a day, and she only eats five full meals each time.And never gluttony.

She weighs herself on a scale almost every day, and if she notices that she is a little bit heavier, she will immediately switch to a green salad instead of eating any food.

  Our anti-aging prescription-do not overeat, eat light and omnivorous foods in a balanced diet, mix weight and weight, combine vegetarian food, and eat more green vegetables and fruits.

Not overeating, but hungry.

Eating too much can cause too much and premature aging.

Reasonable diet and balanced energy can delay aging.

  The general protein in the diet accounts for 10% -15% of the total migration, traces account for 25% -30%, and sugars account for 50% -60%.

There should be plenty of vitamins, inorganic salts, and cellulose.

  In addition, you must have enough omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids.

Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids are essential fatty acids for the human body and are important substances to ensure people’s health and longevity. When there are enough omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids in the human body, it can effectively prevent memory loss and immune diseases.

In fact, it can remove the “junk” produced in the blood, improve the elasticity of blood vessels, and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

In addition, omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids can also affect people’s mental state and mood, which can effectively relieve and control mood and reduce depression.

  Special recommendation: Adults should eat daily: 400-500 grams of vegetables, 100-200 grams of fruits, 100 grams of fish and shrimp, 50-100 grams of meat, 25-50 grams of eggs, 50 grams of beans and soy products, and cereals per dayUnexpectedly 100 grams.

  Song Qingling’s Secret to Keeping Health II: Persist Enema Everyday Song Meiling has no problems with constipation, but he must have an enema every day before going to sleep.

Although there is no scientific basis for this method, Song Meiling insisted on enema for decades for the purpose of washing out the toxins to achieve the effect of detoxification.

This is considered to be bothersome and painful by most people, but she does it as a pleasant thing.

  ”Every day I ate the intestines happily and then take a shower happily. I think I have completed a great metabolic project. Little troubles can be exchanged for a good night’s sleep.Not happy?

Song Meiling just fell down and slept, until dawn.

  Our anti-aging prescription-health treatment, detoxification first human detoxification method: 1.

Exercise is the easiest to detox: exercise can accelerate metabolism, help detoxify the skin and lungs, and eliminate toxins that other organs cannot solve through sweating and other methods.

You can choose exercise methods such as skipping, swimming, jogging, and practicing yoga according to your preferences.

Do it at least once a week.


Drinking water in the morning on a fasting defecation method: The first glass of water that gets up in the morning will eliminate a lot of toxins in your body.


Foot bath: Because the feet are the largest deposit of toxins in the body, foot baths should be adhered to once a day for 15 minutes each time.


Aromatherapy: You can use the steam bath to sweat and detoxify, that is, to use the largest area of the human body as a system for sweating and detoxifying.

In addition, bath salts can help detoxify the skin. You can choose bath salt products that contain fragrance, sea salt, brown mud or seaweed.

Immerse your body in water for 20 minutes and take a deep breath.

Do not go more than twice a week to avoid being over-activated.  5,

Detoxification: Detoxification is an emergency method, but it cannot be used as a common method of detoxification.

Repeated bowel lavage may cause excessive relaxation of the anal sphincter, making it less sensitive to infestation.

In addition, extra lavage may cause the destruction of internal flora, lead to disordered internal functions, and cause tibia flatulence and diarrhea.

  Special recommendation: 1.

Diet: often drink green tea, vegetable juice (celery juice, tomato juice, etc.) and fruit juice, eat potatoes, miscellaneous cereals, seaweed and other foods to detox.

Eat vegetarian food two days a week to give your stomach a chance to rest. Eat more fresh and organic food.


Bathing: You can add essential oils when bathing at home, such as 3 drops of lemon grass + 3 drops of marjoram + 3 drops of rosemary, which can remove stool and detoxify.

  Song Qingling’s Secret to Keeping Health III: Persist in Massage Song Meiling has always kept the ice skin and jade skin, and the skin is shiny and clean like marble. One of the reasons is that she insists on daily massage.

Every day before nap or at night, nurses are equipped to take turns to massage her.

Usually from the eyes, the face to the tibia, the abdomen to the lower limbs, the insteps, and the soles of the feet.

Such body massage can promote blood circulation.

  Our anti-aging prescription-acupoint stimulation, massage is the first choice.

Immunity improvement experiments found that massage acupoints can stimulate white blood cells, lymphocytes and other immune cells in the blood to increase, thereby improving the body’s immunity.


Promoting metabolism Oxygen and nutrients are necessary for the metabolism of the cells that make up tissues in the body.

Acupoint massage can promote blood circulation, provide more oxygen and nutrients to various tissues in the body, and activate metabolism.


Promote blood circulation If there is a problem with internal tissues such as the internal organs, it will adversely affect the blood circulation around it.

Through massage, the acupuncture points in each reflection zone can regulate the function of the human body, thereby preventing the symptoms from disappearing and the blood returning to normal circulation.

  Special recommendation: No matter what massage product you choose, you can add a little (about 5 drops) of essential oils, such as lemon oil, cypress oil, grapefruit oil. These essential oils can help you relax your mood, relieve fatigue, refresh your mind, and help you regainGet the best.

  Song Qingling’s Secret to Keeping Healthy 4: Religious Faith Whenever an acquaintance comes to see her and praises her in front of her for how capable she is, she smiles slightly, quoting from the Bible, and answering,Already hit, the way to go has been passed, power, fame, and profit have become smoke, and forget it all!

“Our anti-aging prescription-faith, spiritual sanctuary faith is a medicine.

A person’s health includes physical and psychological aspects, and the two are interrelated.

Physical conditions can affect psychological emotions, and emotions can also affect physical health.

The peace, joy, love, self-esteem, and hope that faith brings will affect the endocrine system and ultimately affect the body’s ability to resist disease and recover.

  Studies have shown that people who believe in any one of the mainstream religions, men and women, have a longer life expectancy than others, and their immune system functions better than others.

The chance of a heart attack is 50% lower than that of the general population, the probability of suffering from emphysema is 56% lower than that of the general population, the probability of suffering from cirrhosis is 74% lower than that of the general population, and the suicide rate is 53% lower than that of the general population.

  Song Qingling’s Secret to Keeping Health No. 5: In addition to worrying in the chat, Song Meiling has the same emotions and sorrows as ordinary people.

However, her background, knowledge, taste and cultural background determine her high self-control ability.

In this way, she has a good habit of encountering unpleasant things, and is to talk to acquaintances, talk about the heart, and make the stagnant gas swept away.

  Our anti-aging prescription-peace of mind, don’t be overjoyed, “seeing open, letting go” is a great wisdom, “Hi, anger, worry, thought, sadness, terror, shock” The seven emotions are too bad for your health.
Poor mental state, can block central nervous system conduction, physiological functions of various organ systems in the body, make breathing, heart rate disorders, physical weakness, neurological disorders, endocrine disorders, and accelerate aging.

Being open-minded and in a good mood, not rejoicing for the gains and losses, will reconcile the qi and blood of the human body, a cheerful mood, an uplifting spirit, and a long life.

  Special recommendation: Laughing will cause the reduction of stress hormones and lower blood pressure, thus reducing the incidence of hypertension. Moderate laughter can maintain and promote the relative balance of body functions. It can invigorate the mind, improve mental stability, strengthen the body, and make the bodyProduction of antibodies against infection.

In addition, often eat foods such as bananas that have a soothing effect.

  Song Qingling’s Secret to Keeping Health 6: Quit Smoking During the Taiwanese period, Song Meiling’s only hobby was smoking. Chiang Kai-shek advised her to quit smoking many times during her lifetime, but she did not quit.

After Chiang Kai-shek’s death, she was determined to quit smoking for more than 60 years.

  Our anti-aging prescription-quit smoking addiction, alcohol damage and face smoking will cause harm to yourself and the people around you. Nicotine in cigarettes will gradually damage the respiratory system and cause other chronic diseases, and nicotine will shrink blood vessels and make the skinCan not absorb enough oxygen, the ability to regenerate immediately decreases, prone to wrinkles, and the complexion will become yellow.
It is undeniable that quitting smoking has shown its effect in extending life.
Drinking too much alcohol can also make you look sloppy and prone to various premature aging lesions.

If the alcohol addiction is too deep, you can consider choosing red wine, because grapes release a lot of antioxidants during the fermentation process. As long as you drink no more than 3 glasses a day, it is good for your body.

  Special recommendation: There are many ways to quit smoking, but perseverance is especially important.

Recently, the United States invented a nicotine vaccine, which uses a combination of nicotine and another protein to make the body produce antibodies against nicotine. Smoking addiction can be naturally quit and smoking cessation becomes easy.

  Song Qingling’s Secret to Keeping Healthy 7: Reading, Painting and Calligraphy Reading is a long-term habit of Song Meiling.

She reads every major English newspaper in New York every day.

At the beginning, I drew traditional Chinese painting and wrote calligraphy.

Because study painting must be concentrated, dispel all thoughts, be calm, calm, divine, forceful, express emotions, make blood flow throughout the body, adjust the function of all parts of the body, balance the nervous system of the brain, effectively promote blood circulationMetabolism.
  Our anti-aging prescription-Cultivating good personal hobbies Qinqi calligraphy and painting is a well-loved hobbies of the ancient Chinese. Fish farming, bird feeding, planting flowers and plants are also activities that are good for internal health.

  Music is the “flavoring agent” of life. Music with sharp rhythms can stimulate people’s spirit and physical strength; beautiful and beautiful music helps to make people more stable.

Taking a break in melodious lyrics makes people feel relaxed and better at restoring energy.

Practice has proven that music can stimulate the human brain well, thereby improving the function of the entire nervous system and endocrine, cardiovascular, digestive tract and other organs.

  Special recommendation: Do something that can be done by one person, such as painting, swimming, playing the piano, hiking, photography, etc., so that when you are alone, you will feel full.

In addition, the more your hobbies, the more attractive you are to new friends.

  Song Qingling’s Secret to Keeping Healthy No. 8: Sleeping late and getting up late, Song Meiling’s daily routine is very regular.

Painting daily, reading time generally does not exceed 2 hours.

Watch TV for a while or play the piano for half an hour.

She usually goes to bed around 11pm and gets up after 9am the next morning.

  Our anti-aging prescription-adequate sleep, cool environment, balanced sleep, too long sleep, stagnation of the body, and cause illness over time; too little sleep, which leads to diarrhea due to mental exhaustion and inability to recover.

Studies have shown that people who sleep more than 8 hours a night have a higher mortality rate.

Of course, shortening your sleep time by 4 hours per day also increases the risk of death.

So people who sleep 7-8 hours per night live the longest.

  In addition, living in a cool environment has a significant effect on delaying aging. It is best not to exceed 17 seconds during sleep, work at ordinary times, and the temperature of the living environment should not be too high.

  Special recommendation: The best sleep time is from 10 pm to 6 am, and the latest time is not to exceed 11 am, because the metabolism of the skin will start from 11:00 and reach a peak between 1 and 3, so deep sleepWill give your skin the most perfect care.