Skin cream skincare questions and answers


Skin cream skincare questions and answers

Every day before using sunscreen, be sure to do maintenance Q: I work in a bank and deal with money.

Because the money is dirty, the working environment is not very good, and there is a lot of dust in the air. My usual protection for the skin is a barrier cream. Is this OK?

Is it guaranteed to work throughout the day?

What else should I pay attention to?

  A: Of course not!

If you use a chemical sunscreen sunscreen, its sun protection effect can only be maintained for 2 hours; physical sunscreen sunscreen, the sunscreen time is basically determined by the SPF value, lasting longer-indoor sunscreen is also very goodImportantly, artificial ultraviolet rays are cast by fluorescent lamps.

At the same time, the molecules of the barrier cream are relatively large and have a certain dust-proof effect.

But even if these effects are very complete, they only provide “protection” to the skin, not “protection” to a certain extent.

  In a dry, air-conditioned environment, the skin’s natural moisture is far from enough; in the face of a computer for a long time, electronic radiation will cause damage to skin cells, which will greatly reduce the skin’s detoxification function, and free radicals will become more active.The fresh oxygen content will be much lower than the surface, causing hypoxia to the skin and body, and reducing the natural function of the cells . so these factors can easily make us a “yellow face woman”.

  Therefore, before using sunscreen cream every day, be sure to fully moisturize, it is best to match the essence of whitening, detoxification (even can add fresh oxygen).

When you go home at night, be sure to thoroughly remove your makeup and cleansing, and repair it.