Good education for children starts with mom

Good education for children starts with mom

A child who is qualified as a mother is excellent. In “Personality on Education”, education is mentioned as a systematic project, which is a lifelong education system consisting of school education, family education and social education.

Education that splits either party is an incomplete and deformed education. The need for comprehensively developed high-quality international talents requires that we be aware of school education and also promote the concept of family education.

German educator Fluber said: “The fate of the nation is accompanied by manipulation in the hands of those in power, but rather in the hands of mothers.

“It is obvious that mothers are inherent in home education.

But at the same time, family education is the most problematic education, because it is first of all a private education, that is, it is not subject to the direct administrative intervention of society and others; second, it is a non-distance education, because our parentsWithout special professional training.

Our parents are naturally formed as an educator. Qualified and unqualified, competent and incompetent must become educators.

Teachers, on the other hand, must be trained and selected to be qualified as teachers.

And parents?

You are well qualified and unqualified, and you all have the responsibility to assume the role of family education.

Some people say that our parents pay ten times more for their children than foreign parents, and our parents get less than one-tenth the return of foreign parents.

Is there something wrong with us, or something wrong with our children.

It’s time for us to reflect!

It should be said that as parents, proactively understanding our own education methods and improving our children’s education level are so necessary and urgent for us, Chinese parents with hardships.

There are ten major misunderstandings in contemporary family education. One is the “hero” of fraction theory, which emphasizes scores and abilities.

The second is that parents do not attach importance to cultivating their children’s self-study habits.

The third is to emphasize physical health and mental health.

Fourth, parents expect too much of their children and pay a great price.

Fifth, do not teach children according to their aptitude.

Six is against the natural law of children’s growth and development.

Seventh, parents do not recognize self-learning.

Eighth, abuse of punishment harms children’s health.

Nine is the tempering of children’s will.

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