The relationship between meditation and the environment

The relationship between meditation and the environment

If you can choose a fixed time to meditate, it is also very helpful. Because your body and your mind are an operating mechanism, if you lunch at a fixed time every day, your body will crave food.Sometimes, you can even play tricks, if you usually have lunch at one o’clock, and if the clock indicates one o’clock, you will feel hungry, and even that clock is dialed fast, when you only watch at twelveClock, it points to one o’clock, and suddenly you feel hungry inside.

  Your body is an operating mechanism, and your mind is an operating mechanism.

Meditate at the same time and the same place every day, you will create the desire for meditation in your body and your mind. At that specific time every day, your body and your mind will ask you to enterMeditation, that will help.

A space in you will be created, and it will become a thirst, a thirst.

  In the beginning, it is good to do that, unless you come to a point where meditation has become very natural, and you can meditate at any time and anywhere, otherwise you can use these bodiesAnd brain mechanical resources to help.

  It gives you an atmosphere: you turn off the lights, burn a certain incense in the room, you wear a certain kind of clothes, a certain height, a certain softness, a certain special rug, a certain posture, these willHelp, but these do not cause it, if someone else imitates it, it may become an obstacle, one must go to his own ritual, the ritual just helps you to become relaxed and wait,Wait, things will happen, as if sleeping, God came to you; like love, God came to you, you cannot get it with your will, you cannot force it.