Tips for controlling the rhythm of your movements during muscle gain training

Tips for controlling the rhythm of your movements during muscle gain training

In bodybuilding and muscle training, it is very important to control the rhythm of the exercise. This is necessary to plan muscle growth in a planned and step-by-step manner.

  In general, the whole body of muscle exercises can maintain the same rhythm.

There are individual special moves and practice methods to go out.

Take a bench press to imitate it. After lifting the barbell rod, pause for a while to adjust your breathing.

Then bend your elbows, use 2 seconds to reach the lowest point without any pause, push hard for 1 second.

After pushing to the end, pause for 1 second.

Do the next exercise.

That is to say, the rhythm used for this action is usually incident to the time rhythm of 2-1-1.

  Other movements are 1-1-2 time rhythms, including barbell curls with extra biceps.

The time when the elbow is flexed is 1 second, the end stop is 2 seconds, and the motion is restored 2 seconds.

In fact, no matter what kind of practice, except for special requirements, the most basic time rhythm is to force 1 second, restore 2 seconds, and stop at the end for 1 second.

This rhythm can make muscle stimulation more obvious, allowing more capillaries to dilate and congest.

Help more blood flow to the muscles you want to exercise.

Give your muscles more oxygen and nutrients.

  Note that the coordination of action rhythm and breathing rhythm also needs to be strictly controlled.

Be sure to exhale when you are forced and inhale when the action is restored, so that the supply of oxygen can be timely, thereby extending the duration of the action.