What is the essence of men’s transgression?

What is the essence of men’s transgression?

They do not hesitate to be punished for derailment and have to transfer jobs or be demoted and paid.

But why don’t they always accept lessons and teach them repeatedly?

Their own explanation was “everyone is like this”, “Who doesn’t idle?

“This is indeed a problem that is often encountered in clinical or consulting practice. Their wives are intolerable for them, so they come to ask for help or compress the man to seek treatment.

These men can seriously harm others or themselves, and need external help.

This is not about those who have occasional deviance under ordinary tension and pressure. There is an essential difference between occasional and habitual use of sexual behavior as a way to avoid responsibility.

Some people do not hesitate to sacrifice a very precious marriage relationship, because they are indulged in repeated incidents of amnesty; some people spend their time and energy on chasing transgression all day, and do their duty due diligence; some people may because of thisEndangering or losing their jobs; others are still in school and have to drop out because of moral corruption.

  It can be said that these people have significant psychological barriers at different levels and must undergo detailed psychological and psychiatric examinations.

Their psychological characteristics are: ⑴ lack of means to strengthen self-esteem, they are particularly sensitive to the loss of self-esteem; ⑵ they are people who seek perfection and set very unrealistic standards for themselves; ⑶ they have extremelyStrong radical ideas, so even small setbacks can cause them great pain; ⑷ When they are emotionally disturbed, they tend to be unruly, rather than by calmly examining themselves and their location,To alleviate their psychological commotion; ⑸ they may show a very real and serious childhood problem.

  Because many of them lack any knowledge of the seriousness of their dangerous and destructive behavior, they will mess it up.

For example, some men also felt that they had a problem at the beginning, but because they did not receive timely help, they always believed that they could “mix up.”

  It’s not about moral corruption. Men who specialize in playing with women’s feelings. These people often have some favorable conditions for women to be hooked: if they have the power, have the money, look good, have expertise, and are good at speaking.

They do not have the psychological barriers mentioned above.

As they are more intelligent, they are less prone to take risks and look sleek and devious.

These people should be more strongly condemned and punished, and those with mental disorders should be given more help and treatment.