Teach you how to make a weak baby strong

Teach you how to make a weak baby strong

Babies are fragile and sick 4 reasons 1. Complicated diseases or other effects in the baby such as chronic or persistent diarrhea, anemia, repeated respiratory infections, active rickets, and accumulation.

2. It is thought that improper make the baby lack certain nutrients, such as injury to the spleen and stomach that is often full, imbalanced nutrition in the diet arrangement, baby has picky eaters, bad eating habits, etc., making the baby lack certain nutrients.

* If zinc deficiency can cause anorexia and decreased resistance * If iron deficiency can cause iron deficiency anemia * If vitamin D deficiency can cause rickets * If vitamin A deficiency can cause repeated respiratory infections and gastrointestinal mucosal resistanceFalling, causing corneal softening and night blindness in severe cases.

3. Make baby have bad living habits. If you do n’t eat on time and eat irregularly, you often eat snacks between meals. If you drink too much cold drinks on hot days, you may suffer from “refrigerator disease”, which will also greatly affect appetite.

4. Make eating a baby ‘s mental burden. When the baby is unwilling to eat, the mummy forces the baby to eat because of anxiety. The shadow left by the baby ‘s psychology makes the baby think that eating is a mental burden, so that the baby sees the meal.Get bored.

Strengthening the weak and sick baby 6 countermeasures 1, find the cause of the weak and sick with the help of the doctor, take the baby to the hospital’s child health department to see the doctor, and find out the main cause of the baby’s weak and sick with the help of the doctor.Measures.

2. Scientific and reasonable babies add supplementary food to babies according to the age of the month. Don’t rush to achieve success. Follow one or more types, from small to thick, gradually thinner, thicker, and gradual, to avoid spleen and stomach damage.

For older babies, you can adopt the principle of eating less and eating more food, and choose more nutritious and easily digestible foods, such as rice noodles, dairy products (including yogurt), eggs, fish, beans, fruits, vegetables, etc., The mix of various foods must be reasonable, and how many varieties.

At the same time, we should also pay attention to the color, aroma and taste of the food, and pay attention to the fineness of the processing. It is best to be juice and mud, easy to digest and absorb.

3, the baby is unwilling to eat and must not force the sick baby to be sure that the appetite will not be too good, but can not force the baby to eat.

In this way, not only is not conducive to the recovery of gastrointestinal function, but will soon cause or attempt to form anorexia.

Even normal healthy babies, it is impossible to eat a constant amount of meals, some meals may eat more, some meals eat less.

Mommy is not happy when she sees her baby full, and worried when she eats less.

If the baby really does not want to eat a napkin, simply hungry for a meal.

When the baby is really hungry, he will hunger and choose to eat naturally.

4. Cultivate your baby’s good eating habits. Eat meals on time every day. When you eat, sit at the table and eat. Don’t eat and play.

When eating, encourage your baby to take the initiative to eat with positive language. You can also play with adults.

As long as the baby eats well, give praise or encouragement in time.

5. Cooperate with the doctor to treat the baby. After the doctor’s inspection, it is determined that the baby’s fragile illness is due to a lack of certain nutrients. You should cooperate with the doctor’s treatment as soon as possible and supplement the lack of nutrition reasonably under the guidance of the doctor.

6. Chinese medicine treatment can be taken. If the baby is caused by physical weakness or accumulation after the illness, with the spleen strengthening medicine treatment, Chinese medicine treatment can be performed, such as chiropractic, acupuncture four slit points, etc., will have better results.