Yoga exercises to relieve eye fatigue

Yoga exercises to relieve eye fatigue

Eye exercise fitness effects: Turning the eyeballs in all directions can relax the eye muscles and heal eye fatigue.

Using the “shoulder-standing” and “open-shoulder-style” introduced earlier can promote blood circulation from complications to the head, and the effect will be better.

Action essentials: 1.The two fingers are bent, making the palm of the hand a bowl-like shape and generating a temperature, which is buckled in the eyes.

Inhale and place your fingertips on the bones and eyebrows, exhale slowly, and repeat 5 times.

2.With both forefingers, middle fingers, ring fingers, three fingers, gently rub the bone around the eyes to relieve tension.

Gently rub around the eyebrows, from the inside to the outside, then under the eyes, around the hip bones, and do it 5 times from inside to outside.

3.Look at the middle of the index finger and follow the movement of the finger.

Place the index finger of your right hand between your eyebrows and slowly move away.

Gradually straighten your right arm and stand still for 5?
For 10 seconds, return your finger slowly.

After watching, return to the shading action of action 1 to relax your eyes.

4.Straighten your right arm horizontally forward and raise your thumb.

Gaze slowly to the right while looking in the middle of your thumb.

Until the thumb reaches the invisible position, stay 5?
Don’t move your face for 10 seconds.

Slowly return the right arm to the front again, return to action 1.

Do the same on the left.

5.Straighten your right arm on the front, with your index finger to the left.

While looking at the center of the index finger, make the eyes follow the movement of the finger.

Slowly lower the mountain until it is invisible.

Still 5?
10 seconds, return to the front.

Move up and down and return to action 1 to relax your eyes.

6. Put your elbows on the table. Put your elbows on the table, put your palms to support the weight of your head, and use your hands to shade.

Exhaling relieves eye tension and breathes slowly.