Seeing misunderstandings on the bed of the couple

Seeing misunderstandings on the bed of the couple

Why are you making love?

Because you love someone, or you want him, or both.

Maybe for pregnancy.

Other times are just to quell a quarrel or to improve a bad day.

But you must know that you may have the same reasons for having sex with your companion . (1) She is having sex to be closer, and he is to make her happy.

  I like the feeling of intimacy with A Ming, so she likes sex.

She sees sexual orientation as a way to reflect the intimacy she desires.

  Amin is just the opposite. Like many people, he only wants two or three times a month.

In this way, when he tells you that she has no mood, no matter how he guarantees that he loves her, she will become irritable.

After repeating this process twice, I have definitely confirmed that Amin does not love her or not enough, and her mood suddenly drops.

  So Amin began to have more sex with her (not as much as she wanted, but certainly more than he wanted).

  He had sex with her obligately and even mechanically, but what he longed for was romantic, and gradually became one with him in sweet words.

Her slowness made him impatient, and his high efficiency chilled her.

  (2) He likes bizarre ways of making love, she only wants the normal one.

  Zhang Jun and his wife both have strict tutoring, but education has the opposite effect on them-especially in the life of husband and wife.

“Challenge what is considered good in traditional concepts, this is an improvement,” Zhang Junzhenzhen resigned. “Unusual posture, even being found in the elevator, can just cause people’s desire.

“Mrs. Zhang is different. Sexual topics always make her feel ashamed.

“I hate Zhang Jun’s tricks, swear words, and the idea of being seen as having sex with us,” she said. “I just want a normal sex life-normal posture, not strange.

“What scared Mrs. Zhang was that even if she wanted to relax with her husband in bed for a second, he would entice her into an uneasy, dangerous situation.

So she can never relax and sexual excitement is almost impossible for her.

  (3) He has sex with each other, and she wants to get a strong feeling.

  Roulin likes sex because it makes her feel strong and independent.

“Sex is that I can freely try the poses I like, ask for the way I like, and even make various sounds if I want.

“she says.

Her husband did not want to feel independent.

“I just want to blend with Roulin,” he said. “I just want to be one with this person who gives meaning to my life.

“When they had sex, he didn’t want Roulin to close her eyes, she didn’t like her gasping loudly or reaching orgasm many times.

Because this caused his physical exhaustion and exhaustion; it made him feel hurt or even abandoned.

Roulin’s self-awareness can never be satisfied in bed.