How to prepare medicine for your baby

How to prepare medicine for your baby

1. The medicine measuring cylinder can pour all the already measured medicine doses into the measuring cylinder, then hold the baby, place the oblique opening of the measuring cylinder on the baby’s lower lip position, and then tilt the measuring cylinder slightly, so that the medicineIt has flowed into the child’s mouth, but the medicine cylinder must not be tilted too much, otherwise the medicine will flow to the baby too quickly.

 2. Fingertips If your baby is really unwilling to take medicine, you can also give your baby medicine by sucking your fingertips.

To add a measured dose of medicine to a medicine spoon, hold the baby and place the medicine spoon closer to you.

Dip your finger in the medicine and let your baby suck it several times in a row until the baby has consumed all the medicine, but make sure your hands are clean.

  3. The medicine spoon should first measure the dosage of the medicine, and then pour half of it into another medicine spoon. The purpose is to prevent the medicine from overflowing when feeding.

If the medicine your baby is taking is in powder form, you can also mix it with water first, which will make it easier for your baby to drink.

Then hug the baby, it is best to prevent him from twisting casually.

Then take a medicine spoon and place it on the baby’s lower lip, let him slowly suck the medicine into the mouth, and then feed the remaining half of the medicine to the baby.

  Features: Medicine spoons are generally made of non-toxic materials, with a smaller and more head design, which is more suitable for the size of the baby’s mouth, and it is more safe and hygienic to use.

  4, the medicine dropper puts the measured dose in the medicine spoon first, and then uses the dropper to suck part of the liquid medicine.

Put the dropper into your baby’s mouth slowly, and squeeze the medicine slowly.

Drop the medicine into your baby’s mouth again and again until you have finished dripping all the medicine.

It is best not to use the medicine dropper method for infants under 6 months of age, as this may cause the baby to suffocate. If the baby has teeth, it is best to replace the plastic straw.

  Features: Professional dropper design, the scale is clearer, the baby’s medicine can be controlled more accurately, and the matching cleaning brush is easier to clean.

These 4 little assistants can make it easier for you to feed your baby medicine. It will never be a problem if your baby has difficulty feeding medicine. Keep it at home!