Grinding the health of the body from urine

Grinding the health of the body from urine

It is important to urinate in the morning. You can distinguish the physical condition from the color, smell, and state of the urine, the amount of water you drink, the physical illness, and so on.

  Urine floating bubbles: Men’s “pre-glandular” crisis. If you find that a small layer of foam floats on the surface of the urine and stays for a long time, this may be an early symptom of nephritis or a suggestion that men have prostatitis.

This “small bubble” is caused by protein in the urine. The earliest change of nephritis is the appearance of protein in the urine. If it is not actively treated, problems such as renal insufficiency can easily occur.

  In addition, if a man has prostatitis, the urine may carry prostate fluid, which will have oil droplets on the surface of the urine, showing a “bubble urine” state with many “small bubbles”.

  Normal condition: If the foam bursts or varies in size, and the duration is shortened, it is a normal rising foam, and there is no need to be nervous.

  Urinary yellow with red: Urinary tract infection with red in the urine is likely to be a symptom of urinary tract infection, such as urethritis, urinary system stones, etc.

Generally, hematuria is accompanied by frequent urination, urgency, and pain.

It is recommended to go to the hospital’s urology department for a check, so as not to miss the best time for treatment.

  Normal condition: Eating vegetables and fruits with natural pigments such as carrots will also make your urine appear red.

However, this phenomenon is only temporary. Drinking a few glasses of boiling water will gradually reduce it.

  Urine yellow like strong tea: pay more attention to liver problems. If urine is yellow like strong tea for a long time, it often indicates liver problems.

  If the urine is yellow for a long time, be sure to pay attention to whether there are other symptoms in the body, such as jaundice, tiredness, discomfort and pain in the upper abdomen, and go to the hospital for examination in time.

  Normal condition: If the urine is only one or two times, and there is no other discomfort, you don’t need to worry.

Changes in urine color are related to human sweating and water consumption, and diet. For example, if you sweat more and drink less water, urine color will deepen. When you get up, your urine color will be darker and smell stronger.