What to watch out for during hospitalization at delivery

What to watch out for during hospitalization at delivery

At present, pregnant women in the city are usually admitted to the hospital a little earlier before childbirth and spend several days in the hospital after delivery.

What should the mother and family pay attention to during the prenatal and postnatal period?

First of all, both the mother and her family should consciously abide by the hospital’s rules of hospitalization, so that they can adapt to the hospital’s living environment and work schedule as soon as possible.

Many young women who are usually free and uncomfortable with the rules and regulations of the hospital don’t take it seriously, and some even trouble with doctors, nurses, patients, etc., and proceed smoothly.

During the hospital stay, pregnant women should take the initiative to communicate with doctors and nurses to establish a good relationship so that they fully understand your pregnancy status and fetal status. Only in this way, medical staff can fully take care of and help you smoothly.

At the same time, pregnant women should also maintain a good relationship with the mothers in the same room. Be kind and friendly to other people and prevent unpleasant things from happening to each other. Don’t forget about others around me and be considerate and help others.
Women need better rest after childbirth, especially if they are having trouble with labor or after cesarean section.

Therefore, do not let too many people visit at one time, do not visit during the lunch break or leave late at night, try not to talk and laugh loudly in the ward, and think about whether others will be affected by the wind when opening the window.
At the same time, we must abide by the hospital life system. Do n’t bring anything in the ward, especially do n’t put too many daily necessities on the bedside table. Necessarily put it neatly; do n’t make the volume too loud when watching TV.So as not to affect the rest of other maternity wards in the same ward; when doctors or nurses come to check the body, do not use mobile phones, listen to CD or MP3, etc., so that the doctor can serve you without interference.

When medical staff are not well taken care of, don’t lose your temper. In this way, overcoming the high blood pressure in the abdomen is not conducive to postpartum rehabilitation. You can think of some solutions, such as re-communication when appropriate.

At present, the hospital generally adopts the method of mother-infant living in the same room. The newborn is placed next to the mother’s bed. The newborn’s resistance is relatively weak. If there are too many or too many people to visit, it is easy to cause the newborn to get sick.And maternal health considerations, don’t just let too many relatives and friends visit the hospital.