7 beauty habits for pretty women


7 beauty habits for pretty women

To be beautiful, you must use your brain. Many MMs maintain good habits on skin care issues, which not only saves money, but also keeps the skin healthy and hydrated.

Xiaobian here are 7 beauty habits, see if you have mastered them?


hzh {display: none; }  1 醋水去油光  油性肌肤的人每天早上起来,脸上都会泛着油光,用洁面皂洗脸可以去掉多余油分,但很可能破坏角质层,造成内油外干,刺激A large amount of oil is secreted.
If you put in a bottle of white vinegar and wash your face in a half-basin of water for 30 seconds, you can not only remove the oil, but also clean the extra cuticle of the epidermis to avoid damaging the cuticle.

Skin feels smooth and taut after washing.

At the same time don’t forget to use a suitable moisturizing product to prevent the phenomenon of internal oil and external drying.

  2Cotton cleansing cosmetics Don’t think that the cotton can only be used to wipe the face and remove makeup!

The caps of our lipsticks, mascaras, and liquid foundations are often easily distorted by the overflowing paste, very unhygienic, and easy to breed bacteria.

Use makeup remover and cleansing oil on the cotton pad to wipe back and forth the loose areas, and it will be cleaned soon.

  3 paper mask to make use of the residual heat to make a cervical mask a piece of paper mask on the face after 15 minutes, do not throw away.

It can be used as a cervical mask by moving the whole to the alignment and applying for 5 minutes.

Note that the head is tilted back slightly, and the top layer of the mask is applied to the joint of the head and neck under the chin, so that the skin and face are consistent.

  4 Use granules of cleansing sugar or salt to add a small amount to the palm of the hand, dissolve it with water, rub it evenly, and apply it on the tip of the nose or cheek. It can effectively narrow pores, remove black oil, and clean and disinfect it!

  5 Applying skin care products by heating each day When applying skin care products every morning and evening, do you always apply directly to your face?

This skin care effect can be much worse.

Definitely the essence, lotion or water, cream skin care products, it is best to rub with your hands 10 times before applying, warm the skin care products with hand temperature, and then apply on the face.

After it has been completely absorbed by the face, rub it 10 times and gently press the entire face to help improve absorption, and your small face will be more ruddy and healthy.

  6 Multi-purpose use of cotton pad to apply lotion, can promote the application of lotion evenly, and can also prevent the bacteria produced by hand absorption.

At the same time, don’t forget that the lotion can also be applied with a cotton pad, which not only saves money but also effectively prevents skin allergies.

  7Give perfume a 2-week trial period. Don’t buy a perfume on the counter impulsively, even if the advertisement makes you uncontrollable.

The perfume counter mixed with various flavors can easily make the smell dull, and even spray it on the wrist, it may not be 100% like to buy it after 20 minutes.

If you want to buy a perfume that you really like and suitable, you can take it home from the counter first. After 2 weeks of trial, you will receive feedback from your friends, and more importantly, you will really be sureLove this fragrance.