Marry a Good Man in Love Game Theory

Marry a Good Man in Love Game Theory

Meaning: Dating is not the same as choosing an apple. Eve said to Adam, “Dear, do you love me with all your heart?

Adam sighed. “Of course.

What other options can I have besides you?

“Economics has a term” Hobbes’ choice “, which means” no choice. ”

In a society with underdeveloped commercial competition, “Hobbes’ Choice” is very common. Some monotonous clothing styles of Chinese people many years ago, and expensive telephone installation costs a few years ago.

This trouble is a headache for everyone, after all, this is not something we can change personally.

  With the development of competition, this kind of trouble is greatly reduced compared with the past.

But another trouble came up again: too many choices were dazzling.

  From the choice of the path of life to the grand platform of the country, there is an optimal strategy.

Everyone wants to have a choice, and they want to make the right choice. Even if it is not the best, at least it is better. So are there some ways to help us?

  1 process: find him thousands of Baidu to play a “dating game”: suppose you are a woman and decide to get married, there are 100 suitable single men in the social circle around you who are interested in pursuing you, and choose the best one from themMarriage, this is not easy, how can we achieve this result?

  The conditions of this game are strictly limited: you can only date once for each person, and you can only decide on the spot to choose or give up. You cannot “freeze” them as a backup. Once you choose one of them, you have no chance to date someone else.Already.
Such a restriction makes sense, because in life, in most cases, opportunities are not waiting for others. When you pick and choose from the right, others may have long been the wishful others of others.

  You have to start dating, but dating is not the same as choosing an apple. Picking an apple can compare two to one. But in this game, you can only date one person at a time. You must decide this person immediately after each date.Could it be the best one, although there are many people you haven’t dated yet.

Once a lucky man is chosen, you will no longer be dating.

  There is also a game plan that must be followed, once you decide to eliminate this person after dating, he will always be out.

You can assume that he married someone else, or became discouraged and became a monk, and even ran off the cliff and died.

The point is that you can’t date each prospective person, and then put them on the ranking label, the collector is on the shelf in the warehouse, and finally pick the best one from the inside.

You want to choose the best partner, but how can you maximize the chance of finding the ideal person under the established rules?

  2Strategy: Don’t choose the first one you meet. The strategy that wins is the one that gives you the greatest chance of success.

Even if you are not 100% sure, but you know that what you want is the greatest chance of success.

  Obviously, you should not choose the first person you meet, because he has only 1% chance of ranking first among the 100.

This odds can be said to be very slim. Placing the chips directly on the first person is also the worst bet.

But here’s the question: What if your first date happens to be the best?

You eliminated him, would n’t you hate it for life?

Beside us, some couples are first lovers, and they seem to be doing well.

But here we are talking about strategy, not fate or fate. As long as you are not very superstitious, you will certainly admit that it is better to master your own by giving your future probability.

  As I just said, you should not choose the first person to appear, because the chance of meeting your best partner on your first date is slim.

Even if this person is really good, you still have to endure love, because you don’t know where in the 100 people he is.

  Again: this is just a game.

In the game, this woman knows nothing about these 100 people, and in life, even if you have n’t been in love, you know a lot about the opposite sex.Can interact, some can’t.

So if you meet a good man in reality, you should leave him, and as long as you are not married, “riding horses” is not immoral!

  3 Tip: One of the most effective methods for the victim and the experimenter is to use the person you met earlier as a tester, and then if you encounter a better object than this group of people, you can consider marrying him.

All you have to do is gain some experience from the previous group as a basis for evaluating others.

So how many samples should be removed to make a suitable test product?

  This is a dilemma. If you take too few “samples”, the alignment of your conversion may not be accurate; but if you take too many samples, it shows that it is correct, but it is very likely that you missed the best choice (it happens to beWas sacrificed during sampling).

So, is there an optimal number of samples?

If so, how much?  Three Socrates disciples asked the teacher for advice: How can I find my ideal partner?

Socrates took them to a field of wheat, and asked them to merge straight into the field to allow them to recede. They were only allowed one chance to pick the largest ear of wheat.

  4 The first disciple took a few steps and saw a large and beautiful ear of wheat, and plucked it with pleasure.

But as he continued to move forward, he found that there were many larger branches in front of him, and he had to regret to go through the whole journey.

The second disciple learned a lesson, and whenever he was about to pick, he always reminded himself that there was better in the back.

When he was about to reach the end, he realized that all opportunities had been missed and he had to pick one.

The third disciple learned the lessons of the first two. When he reached 1/3, he divided into three categories: large, medium, and small, and then verified whether it was correct when he walked 1/3. When the last 1/3, he choseA beautiful wheat ear that belongs to the big category.

Although this is not necessarily the biggest and most beautiful one, he has completed the whole journey with satisfaction-because he knows that he can already try the best results.

  Note the strategy of the best disciple: 1/3.

Why is this an ideal ratio?

  It turns out that the best search strategy for choosing the best object is to calmly compare several samples and then choose the next one that is higher than them all.

The risk of losing the best option is about 1/3, but you have done your best, and you still have about 1/3 of the chance to pick the one you want most among the 100.

In fact, when you choose among 100 people, 1/3 of the chances are already good.

  Voice: It is easy to fall in love, it is difficult to get married; it is easy to fall in love, it is difficult to get along.

And love game theory tries to use the greatest reason to guide emotions. If you want a period of love for marriage, this is a good reference.